Deaths involving legal highs in Scotland

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Just published (online) in the International Journal of Drugs Policy – some well known researchers behind this: Mortality related to Novel Psychoactive Substances in Scotland, 2012: an exploratory study Abstract Background The growth of Novel Psychoactive Substances (NPS) over the last decade, both in terms of availability and consumption, is of increasing public health concern. Despite recent increases […]

Legal highs and mutual aid

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So-called legal highs (new psychoactive substances) are in the news again. In the final part of my interview with Tom, a doctor in recovery, he explains how mutual aid group Cocaine Anonymous helps with legal highs and looks to the future of the organisation. Are legal highs a problem that CA helps members with? Yes! I […]

Spice, Kryptonite, Black Mamba – legal high marketing

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That the market for ‘legal highs’, or more accurately, new psychoactive substances (NPS) has grown there is no doubt. What’s also growing, in terms of sophistication and technique, is the marketing of these products. With NPS, things are changing so fast that the research is well behind what’s happening in real time. Business is way […]

Drug deaths – what’s changing?

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One thousand nine hundred and fifty-seven people died from drug-related causes in England and Wales last year. That’s a 21% jump with a significant rise in deaths related to heroin and morphine. The data for Scotland, released last month, showed a 9% drop compared to 2012, though this was still the fifth highest on record. What’s […]

The marketing triumphs of legal highs

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There is evidence accumulating from all over that new psychoactive substances (NPS) or ‘legal highs’ are on the up. Reports from mental health services, addiction services, homeless support services and criminal justice settings can leave us in no doubt though hard research evidence is still playing a bit of catch up. One of the reasons that […]

Cannabis-like new psychoactive substances – warnings

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In Europe drug seekers have the luxury of 651 websites from which to buy their ‘legal highs’ or NPS. Alternatively in many towns and cities you can just pop down to the nearest head shop or indeed the nearest corner shop. NPS are more accessible than most drugs. Cannabis-like new psychoactive substances are popular and […]

Top 5 legal high (NPS) posts

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I’ve blogged a few times now on the issue of new psychoactive substances in Scotland and more widely. With renewed media interest this week locally, I thought it was worth bringing a few of the most popular posts together. Here are the top 5 legal high posts. Legal highs and Cocaine Anonymous: both growing Is […]

New psychoactive substances – mephedrone and violence

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Writing in Addiction Today, Prof Oscar D’Agnone cautions against buying in too much to how ‘legal highs’ are marketed. Even the more accepted term – new psychoactive substances (NPS) – is not really hitting the nail on the head, since the drugs are not all ‘new’ and many of the ‘new’ ones are very closely […]

Legal highs – not for human consumption

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Legal highs in Lothian The UK has the largest market for new psychoactive substances (NSP or “legal highs”) in Europe. Scotland is no stranger to them and, as a seminar in Edinburgh heard last week, the Lothian area is seeing a surge in demand, some worrying trends in injecting and significant new presentations due to problems […]

Top 5 addiction and recovery blogs in June

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Okay so what piqued your interest, tickled your fancy or caught your attention in June, the second full month of Recovery Review being up and running? What were your top 5 addiction and recovery blogs –  the posts that ended up most-read? Stats Well, in June three and a half thousand folk visited Recovery Review five thousand […]