Addiction and recovery quotes

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Here are few addiction and recovery quotes that have caught my eye recently. Some wise words and poignant reflections that are worth savouring. I used to think a drug addict was someone who lived on the far edges of society. Wild-eyed, shaven-headed and living in a filthy squat. That was until I became one… ~Cathryn […]

What do clinicians make of addiction recovery?

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Which teachers were the best when you were at school? Likely the ones who believed in you, connected with you, who had a vision for where you could go and who enthusiastically helped you get there. The same characteristics are likely to define the best clinicians too. In a study, published a few days ago, […]

From flip-flops to Doc Martens – the Scottish Recovery Walk 2014

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  A day to go until an historic moment in Edinburgh – the first time Auld Reekie hears the footfall of recovering people, marching down the ancient Royal Mile in a massive group. From flip-flops to Doc Martens, decibels of energy will resonate off the cobbles, demonstrating the sure footedness that people have in their recoveries. Welcome […]

Recovery too hard? Methadone for life!

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Berlin, like many big cities, has a heroin problem. People presenting for help are being prescribed opioid replacement therapy (ORT) in greater numbers. That’s a good thing isn’t it? Well it depends on what you think is the end goal of treatment. At the start of this interesting recent German paper  “Why do patients stay in […]

“You’re all going to hate the word ‘recovery'”

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One of the problems with an aspirational and non-prescriptive definition of recovery is that it is hard to measure. The definitions most commonly featured in the literature share some elements including wellbeing or health, abstinence and citizenship. Clearly if you can’t define it precisely, then it’s hard to commission services to deliver on it. In […]

Recovery resistance

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When recovery became the bedrock of drugs policy in the UK there were objections. Some commentators were vociferous and condemnatory. Their words were reported prominently in the addictions press provoking a response from academics and clinicians working in the field. Titled Recovery and Straw Men: An Analysis of the Objections Raised to the Transition to […]

Can you be in recovery and still smoke?

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Can you be in recovery and still smoke? Although there’s a fair bit of debate about what recovery actually is, there’s also some overlap between definitions. Many mention abstinence, wellbeing and citizenship. The first and the last of these in relation to smoking gave Prof. Thomas McLellan pause for thought when speaking a few years ago […]

Is abstinence a political or personal goal?

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Abstinence political? In a commentary, Drug and Alcohol Findings (DAF) tackles the contentious issue of what addiction treatment is trying to achieve – the ‘what should treatment be for?’ question. The ‘A’ word (abstinence) comes up of course – incredibly it’s still seen as contentious that a significant proportion of clients/patients might want abstinent recovery. […]

Community recovery capital – Guest blog by Prof. David Best

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Fertile ground for recovery journeys My last trip to the UK revolved around a wonderful conference hosted at the University of Chester by the Higher Power Project – interesting people and a great meeting full of innovative and interesting recovery ideas. It was also a really good combination of national policy figures, academics and local […]

Addicted Doctors

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Doctors get addicted to drugs. There’s not much contention about that. Whether they do so at a higher rate than the general population is a matter of debate. The authors of a new discussion paper suggest that they do, although no evidence is produced in this regard. I’m not so convinced on that point. There […]