Quantum change recovery

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I often describe recovery as a ‘transformational experience’. Lives don’t simply improve in recovery, they are often changed beyond recognition. Of course, that change normally takes place over time and in stages. But there is a different sort of recovery experience – the sudden journey from the crucible via the epiphany to personal redemption and transformation. […]

Legal highs may be soaring but recovery soars too

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This week the Chief Inspector of Prisons warned that the soaring use of misleadingly-called ‘legal highs’ has fuelled increasing levels of aggression and bullying inside prisons. It’s not the only indicator that things are changing, perhaps radically, in the UK. The National Poisons Information Service (NPIS) advises primary care and hospital medics on potential harms […]

A comprehensive look at stigma

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Bill White takes a comprehensive look at stigma and how it is best tackled in addicted and recovering people in a blog post. He touches on the argument that stigma can be a good thing (acting as a deterrent to others to try drugs) and finds it wanting. He looks at the evidence that stigma […]

Does recovery space equal recovery ghetto?

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At the moment, the world’s largest cultural festival is happening in Edinburgh, as it does every year. The place is awash with tourists and revellers. For recovering people there are cues and triggers to be navigated around. There are calls to drink at every corner. For those in early recovery, havens from the madness are […]

Does the GMC treat addicted doctors fairly?

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The General Medical Council, regulator of the UK’s doctors, has been getting a bit of a drubbing recently in terms of how it treats doctors who are not well. A hard-hitting Civitas report held the organisation to account over its own performance. The report was about regulation generally, but it touches on issues relevant to […]

Population vs personalised care – two sides of a coin

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Writing on BMJ blogs, Muir Gray makes the case that any distinction between public health and clinical care is artificial – population vs personalised care are two sides of the same coin. He thinks of this in terms of value. For public health, benefits rise fast as investment increases, then there is a levelling out (the […]

What is recovery and how do we measure it?

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What is recovery and how do we measure it? It’s a contentious issue. One problem with asking services to deliver recovery outcomes is that we actually do need to measure something to see if taxpayers are getting value for money. In a recently published paper, John F Kelly and Bettina Hoeppner from Harvard, take a […]

Solution to alcoholism? Get sober friends!

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A solution to alcoholism? If you want to live long and healthily, get loads of friends. That was the finding of a massive meta-analysis of around 150 studies involving over a third of a million people. Good social connections predict longevity. Dependent drinking shortens lives. Is the process of finding sober friends helpful as a solution […]