Top 5 addiction and recovery blogs in July

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Recovery Review is three months old (or three and a half to be more pernickety). Three months and 20,000 page views. July has been the busiest month, but busy with what? What posts have attracted the most attention? Just what were the top 5 addiction and recovery blogs? Gold standard addiction treatment  The second most-read […]

Gabapentin and pregabalin misuse

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  Gabapentin and pregabalin misuse are problems that are not going to go away. My post on gabapentin is one of the most-read on this site. While these are useful medicines, workers in drug treatment and support see patients regularly on gabapentin or pregabalin who have misused the drugs or who are misusing them. Guidance is […]

What treatment programme would you choose?

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What makes a treatment programme better than the rest? What characteristics would mark it out as special, outstanding in the field or different from the rest of the pack? Jason Schwarz at Addiction and Recovery News picks up on a Bill White interview where the subject is tackled. But first, what does White think the markers of […]

Benzodiazepine Guidance

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SMMGP has published guidance for using benzodiazepines and benzo-like drugs in primary care. It’s a comprehensive 60+ page document which covers most (but not all) of the bases and reinforces the need for caution when prescribing the drugs. The guidance is so long in coming because consensus could not be reached. Benzo prescribing is an […]

Can recovering drug addicts drink safely?

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In Narcotics Anonymous and Cocaine Anonymous meetings up and down the country tonight, members will read out literature warning those attending that drinking alcohol is a risk to their recoveries. This is not based on scientific study, but on the experience across decades of those following the 12-step programme. When considered in the light of […]

Stopping benzos – not as hard as you’d think?

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Nobody wants to come off benzos – right? Too hard, too unpleasant and no willingness. But hang on a minute… DB Recovery Resources links to a study that used a structured intervention (the gorgeously named BAMP) to help folk come off benzodiazepines and what do you know, 70% were tapered or discontinued. That said the researchers […]

Legal highs – not for human consumption

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Legal highs in Lothian The UK has the largest market for new psychoactive substances (NSP or “legal highs”) in Europe. Scotland is no stranger to them and, as a seminar in Edinburgh heard last week, the Lothian area is seeing a surge in demand, some worrying trends in injecting and significant new presentations due to problems […]

Gold standard addiction treatment

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  Gold standard addiction treatment Addiction to alcohol or other drugs is not easy to recover from. However there are many pathways to recovery, including through treatment. One group of patients does far better than most other groups. In fact their results are so impressive that many commentators have urged us to learn from what’s […]

Clinical guidelines – the future is orange

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Our clinical guidelines in the UK are a consensus document, based on available evidence. Known as the Orange Book (a misnomer since it’s salmon really), they’re pretty solid in terms of harm reduction but they are so….well, clinical. Published in 2007, they are undoubtedly recovery-light. In fact if you want to be picky, the word […]

Is abstinence a political or personal goal?

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Abstinence political? In a commentary, Drug and Alcohol Findings (DAF) tackles the contentious issue of what addiction treatment is trying to achieve – the ‘what should treatment be for?’ question. The ‘A’ word (abstinence) comes up of course – incredibly it’s still seen as contentious that a significant proportion of clients/patients might want abstinent recovery. […]