The wise do recover from addiction

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Wisdom’s not a very scientific term is it? We sort of know what it means, but it’s vague and not really something to value or measure in scientific literature – right? It’s a bit like spirituality; you might get a dozen different definitions depending on whom you talk to. That hasn’t stopped researchers exploring what […]

Pain management in drug addiction & recovery

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“Pain is inevitable; suffering is optional.” So starts a paper on managing chronic pain in patients with opioid dependence. It’s a dilemma, or is it really? It’s actually less of a dilemma because the evidence for opioids in chronic pain is pretty ropey in everybody, never mind in addicted populations. When you balance potential benefits up against the risks […]

The disease of addiction. Disabling?

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I spotted a tweet earlier today vigorously opposing the notion of addiction as a disease. A week or two back, someone I follow on Twitter was advocating for the terms “addict” and “alcoholic” to be abandoned because they are stigmatising. I thought of the tens of thousands of recovering people meeting weekly in Britain’s six […]

Recovery in Scotland: work at it!

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Thinking about recovery in Scotland? Thinking about abstinence? Don’t you just wish you had some good quality materials? Materials that would help people move from the treacle of addiction into the blancmange of recovery? Materials, for instance, that would be useful in a variety of community and residential settings? Materials, let’s say, that had been […]