Top 5 addiction and recovery blogs in June

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Okay so what piqued your interest, tickled your fancy or caught your attention in June, the second full month of Recovery Review being up and running? What were your top 5 addiction and recovery blogs –  the posts that ended up most-read? Stats Well, in June three and a half thousand folk visited Recovery Review five thousand […]

Living harm reduction AND recovery

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I was moved and inspired by an interview with a harm reduction activist who is also in recovery. Kevin Jaffray is quizzed by writer and broadcaster Ruth Jacobs. Using his own experience as illustration, he reveals insights and reflections on the relationship between harm reduction and recovery. And he does it with passion. Answering criticisms that harm […]

What’s the point of harm reduction?

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What’s the point of harm reduction? To reduce harm; that much is obvious. Is that enough? Arguably it is, or it isn’t depending on where you stand. The Matrix Bites series in the carefully researched Drug & Alcohol Findings takes on this question and others in a reflective presentation on the evidence. The narrative here points […]

Peer-led needle exchange – room for recovery?

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Needle exchange: reducing harm Needle exchanges are recognised within harm reduction services as conferring benefits to injecting drug users. They can help to reduce blood borne virus transmission, but also offer the opportunity to reduce other harms through delivering safer injecting advice, addressing health concerns and trying to engage clients with treatment options. Such services […]

Getting plugged in is key to recovery

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Isolation: the curse of addiction Loneliness and isolation are best mates of addiction. Of course, it’s not just those with addictions who suffer from loneliness. Professor John Cacioppo presented recently at a conference in Chicago, pointing out that that the impact of loneliness on premature death ‘is nearly as strong as the impact of disadvantaged socioeconomic status’ – and that […]

Al-Anon and Family Recovery

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Addiction can cause great damage in families. For such families there are arguably too few family support groups around. Al-Anon has a solid presence in many Scottish cities (there are about 800 groups in the UK). There are a tiny number of Families Anonymous groups (two recently opened in Lothian) and although SMART Family groups […]

Smoking in recovery – the Blue Whale in the room 

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Blue Whale Alert Smoking and other addictions go hand in hand. In treatment populations, it’s usual to find that about 80-90% of clients are current smokers, compared to 20% of, say, the Scottish population. Nobody has done a survey on smoking prevalence in recovering populations in Scotland, but I would guess that for smoking in recovery […]

Stamp out stigma

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Stamp out stigma. That’s the aim of a new campaign in the United States which recognises the challenges addicted people and those with mental illness face in their attempts to recover. It’s not that long ago since a report on stigma in Scotland, (part of a larger report on stigma in the UK) was published. […]

Unmissable addiction and recovery resources

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There are hundreds, perhaps thousands, of blogs and websites offering information, news, opinion and research findings on addiction and recovery. Navigating them can be bamboozling. I wanted to share a few of my favourites with you, but also to hear about any other sites that deserve the description ‘not-to-be-missed’. If you have any to highlight, […]