Top 5 addiction and recovery blogs in July

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Recovery Review is three months old (or three and a half to be more pernickety). Three months and 20,000 page views. July has been the busiest month, but busy with what? What posts have attracted the most attention? Just what were the top 5 addiction and recovery blogs? Gold standard addiction treatment  The second most-read […]

Recovery and the randomised controlled trial

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In terms of strength of evidence, the randomised controlled trial (RCT) stands tall. It’s the gold standard in methodology to reassure us that an intervention is causing an effect. Addiction treatment is founded on the rock of the RCT. Our clinical guidance (The Orange Book) is choc-a-block with RCT evidence and there’s now a search […]

Addiction research – letting us down?

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One of the clear recommendations to come out of the recent hard-hitting Expert Review on delivering Opioid Replacement Therapies in Scotland was to do with research. It seems there’s not much addiction research going on in Scotland. How well are our treatment services doing? We can’t really say. Anyone reading the review could reasonably conclude, […]

Recovery communities – the good, the true and the beautiful

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Alastair Sinclair, Director of UKRF, writes in DDN about how chasing financial solutions to complex problems will not help society’s ills. He quotes Phil Hanlon  on the need for a development in public health “which will challenge the rampant individualistic consumerism that underpins a dominant economic model based on endless growth.” Somehow it always seems that […]

Community recovery capital – Guest blog by Prof. David Best

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Fertile ground for recovery journeys My last trip to the UK revolved around a wonderful conference hosted at the University of Chester by the Higher Power Project – interesting people and a great meeting full of innovative and interesting recovery ideas. It was also a really good combination of national policy figures, academics and local […]

Bill White’s 55 Recovery Reflections

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William White has been blogging over the last year in bite size chunks. He has just listed all his posts which are full of essential recovery gems. Take a look at his 55 recovery reflections; you will not be disappointed. Some recovery reflections favourites: Recovery Durability:  The 5-year Set Point If you reach the 5-year […]

Abstinence treatment ‘a barrier’ to Opioid Replacement

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In trying to determine routes to abstinent recovery there’s a legitimate debate to be had about whether opioid replacement therapy (ORT) is a catalyst to abstinence or if it slows the process down. Some have suggested that methadone is too ‘sticky’ for recovery. On the other hand, as others have said, ‘dead people don’t recover’. I […]

What is recovery and how do we measure it?

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What is recovery and how do we measure it? It’s a contentious issue. One problem with asking services to deliver recovery outcomes is that we actually do need to measure something to see if taxpayers are getting value for money. In a recently published paper, John F Kelly and Bettina Hoeppner from Harvard, take a […]