Narcotics Anonymous for military veterans

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A few years back in a city far, far away, I asked a consultant addiction psychiatrist why he did not refer any of his patients to NA. “There’s not a shred of evidence that it works,” he said. Even then he was misinformed, but I’ve thought many times since then about how his patients were […]

UK Recovery Walk 2014

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This weekend we were looking at the forthcoming Scottish Recovery Walk, but even as we in Scotland prepare to vote on whether to secede from the Union, there can’t be any among us who wouldn’t be able to put politics aside and walk in the UK Recovery Walk 2014 next month. It’s taking place in […]

Yet another recovery resource

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If I didn’t actually work then I might be able to blog about all of the amazing research, comment, opinion and inspiration about recovery that drops into my inbox every week. I try to shape Recovery Review to be a useful recovery resource, but as it is I only scratch the surface. It’s one of my […]

More unmissable addiction and recovery resources

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I posted a few months back on some essential blogs and news sites around addiction and recovery. I’ve reposted my favourites and added a few more in an update. Feel free to add your own selections in the comments below. What websites will help folk recover from addiction? There are hundreds, perhaps thousands, of blogs […]

Recovery Walk Scotland 2014 – be there!

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  Kuladharini, CEO of the Scottish Recovery Consortium, guest blogs for Recovery Review As the confetti canon explodes at 10am sharp on Saturday 27th September, Recovery Walk Scotland 2014 will make a jubilant, tuneful progress down the Royal Mile in Edinburgh, past the Scottish Parliament and into Holyrood Park. Last year over 800 people took […]

Does recovery space equal recovery ghetto?

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At the moment, the world’s largest cultural festival is happening in Edinburgh, as it does every year. The place is awash with tourists and revellers. For recovering people there are cues and triggers to be navigated around. There are calls to drink at every corner. For those in early recovery, havens from the madness are […]

Clicking the recovery mouse – guest blog by Michaela Jones

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  In the early days of my recovery (and throughout my many years of active addiction) I found people terrifying. Coming in ones was bad enough but multiples – particularly when sitting on chairs in a circle – would have me gibbering. Add in situations where I might have to actually speak. Well let’s just […]

Does AA work for young people?

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Evidence has accumulated over the last couple of decades of the association between attendance at Alcoholics Anonymous and improved drinking outcomes, including abstinence. AA is sometimes seen as an organisation that is better suited to older drinkers seeking sobriety than to folk under thirty, though there are in fact young people’s meetings in various large […]

Recovery resistance

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When recovery became the bedrock of drugs policy in the UK there were objections. Some commentators were vociferous and condemnatory. Their words were reported prominently in the addictions press provoking a response from academics and clinicians working in the field. Titled Recovery and Straw Men: An Analysis of the Objections Raised to the Transition to […]