Improve outcomes: add in 12-step mutual aid

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Much treatment for drug problems is outpatient. Trying to achieve abstinence is tough and some evidence suggests it is more likely to be the goal of clients than the aspiration of professionals for their clients. How well do clients do? This study by Gerald Cochrane and colleagues from New York looked at those clients maintaining abstinence in […]

Altruism & AlAnon: in helping we are helped

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“Giving implies to make the other person a giver also.” So said Eric Fromm whose quote starts this research paper which travels to the heart of mutual aid. The clear message? In helping other, we help ourselves. The recovery saying “We only keep what we have by giving it away” hits the mark in this respect. The […]

Legal highs and Cocaine Anonymous: both growing

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Legal Highs, now more accurately called Novel Psychoactive Substances (NPSs), or simply ‘new drugs’ are on the radar. They are on the radar not just of Rab and Kirsty down on the High Street who can find them next door to Tesco Metro, but also on the radar of their families, of treatment services, of […]

Methadone and 12-step

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Given the dearth of research on NA populations this study from Bill White and colleagues is welcome. Knowing what we do already from the research on mutual aid groups, the researchers made the reasonable assumption that clients on ORT attending 12-step mutual aid were likely to achieve to higher levels of abstinence (no illicit drugs or alcohol) […]