e-cigarettes not aimed at young people? Not much.

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A tobacco dependence expert reassures us that e-cigarettes won’t lead to smoking tobacco: Professor Peter Hajek, director of the Tobacco Dependence Research Unit at Queen Mary University of London, claimed that “virtually nobody” who is a non-smoker experimenting with e-cigarettes would move on to daily smoking Maybe not, but that doesn’t seem to be stopping […]

Unmissable addiction and recovery resources

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There are hundreds, perhaps thousands, of blogs and websites offering information, news, opinion and research findings on addiction and recovery. Navigating them can be bamboozling. I wanted to share a few of my favourites with you, but also to hear about any other sites that deserve the description ‘not-to-be-missed’. If you have any to highlight, […]

Moderate drinking or abstinence for alcoholics?

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There is evidence that treatment seekers favour abstinence when they come for help, but what does abstinence offer in terms of quality of life (QOL), compared to continued heavy drinking or moderate drinking? My own experience is that many dependent drinkers will first seek to try out controlled drinking. However some have already realised that […]

Addicts Don’t Recover

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Addicts don’t recover That’s what I was told once, admittedly a long time ago, on a visit to a service in a different locality. The reasons were twofold according to the addiction worker I was talking to. Firstly this was her observed experience over years of working in the field and secondly, she said, if you don’t […]

Top five addiction and recovery blogs

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Well, we’re just at the end of the first full month of posting on Recovery Review. There’s been plenty of traffic with over 6000 pages viewed in May. I’m always interested to see what topics attract the most attention and thought you might be too. Interestingly, though I suppose not a huge surprise, the subjects are all […]

Poor performance: sexual dysfunction on ORT

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Opiates seem to reduce the libido, it’s a common complaint in opiate users and those on replacement treatment. They seem to do this through suppressing testosterone and other key hormones. SMMGP reviews a couple of papers on the association between opioid replacement therapy (ORT) and sexual dysfunction. In the first, relatively small, Indian study, 60 sexually active men […]

What can doctors in long term recovery teach us?

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We can no more do without spirituality than we can do without food, shelter or clothing – Bruce Lipton Despite the fact that there are plenty of them about, we don’t have a lot of information on people in long term recovery. The researchers behind this study took the opportunity to interview doctors in long […]

Addiction brain science – the dangers

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A week or so back I was exploring the potential benefits of framing addiction as a brain disease. Addiction brain science is a contentious issue and more so in the UK than in the USA. Over at Addiction & Recovery News, Jason Schwartz takes a look at an editorial in the journal Addiction which outlines some of the […]

Why many in recovery are dying of addiction

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How many recovering people smoke cigarettes? In Scotland, just over a fifth of the population smoke, but in treatment populations the rate is between 60-90%. Travellers looking for mutual aid meetings will often be guided by the group of smokers outside the church hall. Some of those people in long term recovery are dying of […]

Stop kicking people out of addiction treatment

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You are in rehab. You drink. You get kicked out. Fair do. Right? Wrong! Bill White asks the question  What’s the big problem that takes alcoholics and addicts into treatment? Drinking and using. Why then would you kick them out of treatment for the very thing that brought them into treatment? He says that in 2002, […]