Does the GMC treat addicted doctors fairly?

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The General Medical Council, regulator of the UK’s doctors, has been getting a bit of a drubbing recently in terms of how it treats doctors who are not well. A hard-hitting Civitas report held the organisation to account over its own performance. The report was about regulation generally, but it touches on issues relevant to […]

Your brain on porn

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A modern-day phenomenon is causing a stir on discussion and support sites – that of internet pornography ‘addiction’. Linked to mood disturbance, relationship difficulties and erectile dysfunction in some users, compulsive porn viewing does seem to share enough features with substance dependence to become a member of the addiction club, though this is still seen as […]

Top 5 addiction and recovery blogs in July

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Recovery Review is three months old (or three and a half to be more pernickety). Three months and 20,000 page views. July has been the busiest month, but busy with what? What posts have attracted the most attention? Just what were the top 5 addiction and recovery blogs? Gold standard addiction treatment  The second most-read […]

Gabapentin and pregabalin misuse

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  Gabapentin and pregabalin misuse are problems that are not going to go away. My post on gabapentin is one of the most-read on this site. While these are useful medicines, workers in drug treatment and support see patients regularly on gabapentin or pregabalin who have misused the drugs or who are misusing them. Guidance is […]

Top 5 legal high (NPS) posts

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I’ve blogged a few times now on the issue of new psychoactive substances in Scotland and more widely. With renewed media interest this week locally, I thought it was worth bringing a few of the most popular posts together. Here are the top 5 legal high posts. Legal highs and Cocaine Anonymous: both growing Is […]

Over the counter drug addiction

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In many countries around the world, codeine is available only on prescription. It’s a weak opioid, but can still cause addiction. Low dose codeine is also available in the UK, over-the-counter (OTC) in pharmacies. It’s sold in combination with paracetamol (co-codamol, e.g. Solpadol), in combination with ibuprofen (e.g. Nurofen Plus), and in combination with dihydrocodeine (co-dydramol, e.g. […]

Can you be in recovery and still smoke?

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Can you be in recovery and still smoke? Although there’s a fair bit of debate about what recovery actually is, there’s also some overlap between definitions. Many mention abstinence, wellbeing and citizenship. The first and the last of these in relation to smoking gave Prof. Thomas McLellan pause for thought when speaking a few years ago […]

Addiction and recovery research – time for change

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SMMGP has a great downloadable presentation on addiction treatment research. By Jim Orford, it’s a couple of years old now, but it has not lost any of its relevance. I’ve been writing on the problem of lack of addiction research generally and a definite near absence on recovery research. But we don’t want research for […]

Legal highs – not for human consumption

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Legal highs in Lothian The UK has the largest market for new psychoactive substances (NSP or “legal highs”) in Europe. Scotland is no stranger to them and, as a seminar in Edinburgh heard last week, the Lothian area is seeing a surge in demand, some worrying trends in injecting and significant new presentations due to problems […]

Gold standard addiction treatment

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  Gold standard addiction treatment Addiction to alcohol or other drugs is not easy to recover from. However there are many pathways to recovery, including through treatment. One group of patients does far better than most other groups. In fact their results are so impressive that many commentators have urged us to learn from what’s […]