Nuggets – an animation you must see

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See what you make of this simple but powerful short German animation. It is remarkably compelling and accurate.

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    1. Mark says:

      Far better than the roller coaster analogies being used. Thanks for the post

    2. Manjeet says:

      What was perhaps most infuneltial for me in reading the Dennis & Scott article was the research indicating that as many as 90% of individuals discharged from a variety of correctional, residential or outpatient treatment programs do not successfully access the recommended outpatient care (Dennis, p.48). As a counselor, this is where I see myself working with the client. What does it take to encourage and support the kind of self-advocacy and self-efficacy required for clients to actively pursue care when often systems are not even in place to support that care and therefore make accessing it that much more difficult? Part of this is certainly client education on the chronic nature of SUDs. But there are layers and layers of therapeutic work here. I think this becomes especially important as I consider my future work as a school counselor. I think it is helpful for adolescents to understand the chronicity of SUDs and the long-term impact this has on a person’s life. Additionally, I imagine few teens are aware that the age of first substance use and the duration of use before starting treatment are related to the length of time it takes people to recover (Dennis, p.47). In general it is challenging to help adolescents consider how their actions today impact and potentially complicate their future. But that does not mean we should shy away from the conversation.

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