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We’re just past the six month mark on Recovery Review with 40,000 visitors to the site. Here are the five most-read blogs on the site – the five best addiction and recovery blogs.

Gold standard addiction treatment

This article highlighted the fact that doctors with addictions get a very different standard of treatment from their patients and that the goal of that treatment, for opiate addicted doctors at least, is quite different. Should this anomaly be accepted?

Gabapentin abuse

Two years ago it was hardly a blip on the radar, nowadays it’s one of the commonest searches that ends up with a visitor to Recovery Review. The explosion in use of gabapentin means we either have a sudden epidemic of neuropathic pain or we are seeing significant overprescribing.

Why many in recovery are dying of addiction

The elephant in the room. No make that the blue whale in the room, covered in barnacles, dripping with sea water and making a hell of a noise. The recovery community are not paying a blind bit of attention. What is it about smoking that recovering people don’t want to look at?

Gabapentin and pregabalin misuse

Well if you wondered if gabapentin misuse was an issue before, now you can be sure. The second blog on the subject makes it into the top five articles. People get to this blog by searching the terms on Google. It seems there are a lot of people searching for answers…

The ten most important things known about addiction

The part one review of Doug Selman’s seminal paper in the journal Addiction. Despite being a few years old, the points made hold up well today, though I think we know a little bit more about recovery now than we did than when this was published. Well worth a read.

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      Congratulations on this milestone. And by all means, keep writing!

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