Five most-read addiction blogs in September

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There were 5000 visits to Recovery Review last month. What piqued your interest in September? What raised hackles, caused resonances or got you thinking? What topics generated the most comments? Don’t despair, here are the answers to those questions: The five most-read addiction and recovery blogs on Recovery Review in September.

Five most-read addiction blogs in September

Recovery too hard? Methadone for life!

The finding that service users have a higher aspiration than treatment providers in terms of goals is not a unique one. The conclusion, that such goals are dangerous and unlikely to be fulfilled causes the authors of this paper to suggest that opioid replacement therapy ought to continue indefinitely. Their conclusions are challenged.

Recovery – why stop at addiction?

This guest blog by Paul Molyneux was beautifully written and considered, gaining a lot of praise. Paul found the move from mental health services to addiction ‘refreshing’ and speculates what it might be like if a recovery model was embraced more widely in mental health.

Enforced ‘recovery’ unethical 

Stories of people on time-limited opioid replacement therapy or being encouraged to leave treatment too soon prompted this examination of the relationship between harm reduction and recovery-oriented approaches.

Spice, Kryptonite, Black Mamba – legal high marketing

The ad men are way ahead of the scientists. This review of a paper examining marketing and branding of legal highs identifies that we are in completely new territory here.

Commissioning, harm reduction and recovery: a conversation

Could commissioning be having unintended consequences? A conversation about commissioning, harm reduction and recovery explores challenges and benefits.

Most comments

The blogs attracting the most comments in September were “Does recovery space equal recovery ghetto?”, “Riff raff not welcome – the poison of professional stigma“; “Enforced ‘recovery’ unethical” and “Recovery – why stop at addiction?

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      I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: you’re a veracious writer in terms of both quantity and quality. A website I make a habit (excuse the pun) of visiting daily.

    2. Detox Nurse says:

      Yes, but now I look at it, ‘veracious’ is a pretty good fit too 🙂 might try and crowbar that word in to other sentences!

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