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If I didn’t actually work then I might be able to blog about all of the amazing research, comment, opinion and inspiration about recovery that drops into my inbox every week. I try to shape Recovery Review to be a useful recovery resource, but as it is I only scratch the surface. It’s one of my frustrations that so much that might help those seeking or maintaining recovery is published, but so little gets to the folk who might benefit from it most.

Mind you, if I didn’t work I’d miss out on another sort of learning – the kind you get from listening to clients in treatment. The kind of experiences that move me, inspire me and give me immense job satisfaction. I’d also be a very dull boy if all I did was write and blog about addiction all the time.

To make some stab at trying to condense, preserve and spread interesting and relevant research or comment, I organise a FaceBook page called (through an amazing spark of creative genius) Recovery Review. Here you’ll find snippets from an eclectic mix of sources which I grab and post. Some of these might catch your interest. You can follow it here.

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