UK Recovery Walk 2014

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This weekend we were looking at the forthcoming Scottish Recovery Walk, but even as we in Scotland prepare to vote on whether to secede from the Union, there can’t be any among us who wouldn’t be able to put politics aside and walk in the UK Recovery Walk 2014 next month.

It’s taking place in Greater Manchester on the 12th September 2014 and you can register here.

What is the point of a recovery walk? Talking about the subject in Drink and Drugs News last year, Richard Maunders, chair of the planning group for last year’s walk said:

I’ve learned that recovery becomes contagious within communities when it’s visible, when it’s seen and felt, and hope and inspiration are passed on to those still struggling, still trying to define what recovery means to them. This is most apparent at the UK recovery walks.

Who doesn’t want contagious, visible recovery all across the country? Get registered and get walking!

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