August’s top five addiction and recovery blogs

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Top five addiction and recovery blogsAugust draws to a close and autumn is upon us but the blogs remain. What were August’s top five addiction and recovery blogs? Well, three were summaries of research papers, one was about stigma and the last was about a social phenomenon that’s truly remarkable – currently happening in Scotland with almost no comment.

Does AA work for young people?

This paper took a look at what AA had to offer younger substance-dependent people and found that AA attendance is associated with benefits, but may work in different ways than it does in older folk.

Young people and 12-step – what’s not to like?

Interestingly, the second most-read blog was also about young people and 12-step. This time researchers wanted to know what young people liked and didn’t like about attending 12-step mutual aid. The content of the programme, a problem for some professionals, wasn’t a problem for young adults it seems.

“You’re all going to hate the word ‘recovery’”

The difficulty of trying to define recovery indicators was never starker than this. Put professional views to service users and what do you get? Disagreement!

Time to deal with ‘alkies, junkies and smackheads’

A blog about stigma and how it continues to pervade.

The best-kept recovery secret in Scotland

Scotland has an ‘undercover’ thriving and exponentially growing recovery-from-addiction movement. A remarkable social phenomenon that will astound you. Guest blog by SRC Chief Exec, Kuladharini.


August has been the busiest month for comments since Recovery Review launched. “Does recovery space equal recovery ghetto?” stimulated some fiery debate as did “You’re all going to hate the word ‘recovery’”. Recovery Resistance and “The ‘A’ Word” attracted some interesting perspectives too.

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    2 Responses to "August’s top five addiction and recovery blogs"
    1. edd says:

      The word RECOVERY should be shouted from the roof tops. I has taken me a long time to be in the position im in today. I am more than nine months clean and for each of those days i have been in recovery going to meetings and being around positive inspiring people who have been through what i have been through. Today the word RECOVERY is stronger than any swear word more powerful and positive than government.

      • djmac says:

        Well done Edd on your recovery. I guess that Recovery Review is an attempt to shout recovery from the rooftops. Thanks for taking time to comment.

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