Top 5 legal high (NPS) posts

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Not-for-human-consumptionI’ve blogged a few times now on the issue of new psychoactive substances in Scotland and more widely. With renewed media interest this week locally, I thought it was worth bringing a few of the most popular posts together. Here are the top 5 legal high posts.

Legal highs and Cocaine Anonymous: both growing

Is the growth of CA in the central belt of Scotland linked to the increasing use of legal highs, or it it just because CA Scotland is supporting a lot of people to get well?

Legal highs in Scotland: cause for concern

What do we know about new psychoactive substances and what about treatment and recovery for those dependent?

Legal high problems – time to wake up

What’s going in in Europe? How do problems with legal highs present and what’s to be done? Based on a German study.

Legal highs – the gathering storm

We have a drug treatment system geared mostly to opiate addiction which may not be ready for the challenges caused by legal highs. How do we prepare ourselves?

Legal highs – not for human consumption

The UK has the largest market for legal highs in Europe. There are huge problems with regulation, unintended consequences from bans and challenges around clinical management. Are we ‘awash in a sea of bath salts’?


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