Clinical guidelines – the future is orange

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Our clinical guidelines in the UK are a consensus document, based on available evidence. Known as the Orange Book (a misnomer since it’s salmon really), they’re pretty solid in terms of harm reduction but they are so….well, clinical. Published in 2007, they are undoubtedly recovery-light. In fact if you want to be picky, the word […]

Is abstinence a political or personal goal?

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Abstinence political? In a commentary, Drug and Alcohol Findings (DAF) tackles the contentious issue of what addiction treatment is trying to achieve – the ‘what should treatment be for?’ question. The ‘A’ word (abstinence) comes up of course – incredibly it’s still seen as contentious that a significant proportion of clients/patients might want abstinent recovery. […]

Community recovery capital – Guest blog by Prof. David Best

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Fertile ground for recovery journeys My last trip to the UK revolved around a wonderful conference hosted at the University of Chester by the Higher Power Project – interesting people and a great meeting full of innovative and interesting recovery ideas. It was also a really good combination of national policy figures, academics and local […]

Population vs personalised care – two sides of a coin

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Writing on BMJ blogs, Muir Gray makes the case that any distinction between public health and clinical care is artificial – population vs personalised care are two sides of the same coin. He thinks of this in terms of value. For public health, benefits rise fast as investment increases, then there is a levelling out (the […]

Bill White’s 55 Recovery Reflections

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William White has been blogging over the last year in bite size chunks. He has just listed all his posts which are full of essential recovery gems. Take a look at his 55 recovery reflections; you will not be disappointed. Some recovery reflections favourites: Recovery Durability:  The 5-year Set Point If you reach the 5-year […]

Best mutual aid blogs

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Networking with other recovering people is at the heart of many folks’ recovery. The evidence that it makes a difference to outcomes is substantial and growing and it’s a subject I find myself returning to again and again on Recovery Review. Here are a few of my favourite mutual aid blogs: Legal Highs and Cocaine […]

Addicted Doctors

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Doctors get addicted to drugs. There’s not much contention about that. Whether they do so at a higher rate than the general population is a matter of debate. The authors of a new discussion paper suggest that they do, although no evidence is produced in this regard. I’m not so convinced on that point. There […]

Abstinence treatment ‘a barrier’ to Opioid Replacement

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In trying to determine routes to abstinent recovery there’s a legitimate debate to be had about whether opioid replacement therapy (ORT) is a catalyst to abstinence or if it slows the process down. Some have suggested that methadone is too ‘sticky’ for recovery. On the other hand, as others have said, ‘dead people don’t recover’. I […]

What is recovery and how do we measure it?

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What is recovery and how do we measure it? It’s a contentious issue. One problem with asking services to deliver recovery outcomes is that we actually do need to measure something to see if taxpayers are getting value for money. In a recently published paper, John F Kelly and Bettina Hoeppner from Harvard, take a […]