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Networking with other recovering people is at the heart of many folks’ recovery. The evidence that it makes a difference to outcomes is substantial and growing and it’s a subject I find myself returning to again and again on Recovery Review. Here are a few of my favourite mutual aid blogs:

Legal Highs and Cocaine Anonymous – both growing
Cocaine Anonymous is having a growth spurt in the Central Lowlands of Scotland. So is the use of legal highs (new psychoactive substances). Are these phenomena linked?

Altruism and Al-Anon – in helping we are helped
Helping the newcomer is at the core of 12-step mutual aid, but it’s not just the newcomer that is helped in the process…

Not 12-step OR SMART, 12-step AND SMART
Mutual aid groups are growing all over the UK. SMART & 12-step have different approaches, but do you really have to choose between them?

Improve outcomes: add in 12-step mutual aid
Treatment is tough. What makes it more successful? There is an association between better outcomes and attending 12-step mutual aid groups.

Getting plugged in is key to recovery
Want to live a healthy long life? Get plugged in. Want to recover from addiction? Same answer: get plugged in. Getting plugged in is key to recovery.

“It doesn’t work for everyone” – a take on 12-step approaches
One doctor had a practice changing experience after attending a mutual aid meeting. He shares his experience in a guest blog.

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