Methadone and 12-step

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Given the dearth of research on NA populations this study from Bill White and colleagues is welcome. Knowing what we do already from the research on mutual aid groups, the researchers made the reasonable assumption that clients on ORT attending 12-step mutual aid were likely to achieve to higher levels of abstinence (no illicit drugs or alcohol) […]

Gabapentin and pregabalin misuse

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  Gabapentin and pregabalin misuse are problems that are not going to go away. My post on gabapentin is one of the most-read on this site. While these are useful medicines, workers in drug treatment and support see patients regularly on gabapentin or pregabalin who have misused the drugs or who are misusing them. Guidance is […]

What treatment programme would you choose?

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What makes a treatment programme better than the rest? What characteristics would mark it out as special, outstanding in the field or different from the rest of the pack? Jason Schwarz at Addiction and Recovery News picks up on a Bill White interview where the subject is tackled. But first, what does White think the markers of […]

Cannabis-like new psychoactive substances – warnings

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In Europe drug seekers have the luxury of 651 websites from which to buy their ‘legal highs’ or NPS. Alternatively in many towns and cities you can just pop down to the nearest head shop or indeed the nearest corner shop. NPS are more accessible than most drugs. Cannabis-like new psychoactive substances are popular and […]

Benzodiazepine Guidance

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SMMGP has published guidance for using benzodiazepines and benzo-like drugs in primary care. It’s a comprehensive 60+ page document which covers most (but not all) of the bases and reinforces the need for caution when prescribing the drugs. The guidance is so long in coming because consensus could not be reached. Benzo prescribing is an […]

12 things about alcohol and other drugs

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Andrew Brown at DrugScope posted a great little presentation called 12 things about alcohol and other drugs you may have missed. It’s an eclectic collection of interesting and useful facts that just might have passed us by. He is absolutely right, I had missed many of them. The info on residential rehab in Europe and […]

Top 5 legal high (NPS) posts

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I’ve blogged a few times now on the issue of new psychoactive substances in Scotland and more widely. With renewed media interest this week locally, I thought it was worth bringing a few of the most popular posts together. Here are the top 5 legal high posts. Legal highs and Cocaine Anonymous: both growing Is […]

Over the counter drug addiction

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In many countries around the world, codeine is available only on prescription. It’s a weak opioid, but can still cause addiction. Low dose codeine is also available in the UK, over-the-counter (OTC) in pharmacies. It’s sold in combination with paracetamol (co-codamol, e.g. Solpadol), in combination with ibuprofen (e.g. Nurofen Plus), and in combination with dihydrocodeine (co-dydramol, e.g. […]

Can you be in recovery and still smoke?

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Can you be in recovery and still smoke? Although there’s a fair bit of debate about what recovery actually is, there’s also some overlap between definitions. Many mention abstinence, wellbeing and citizenship. The first and the last of these in relation to smoking gave Prof. Thomas McLellan pause for thought when speaking a few years ago […]