Top 5 addiction and recovery blogs in June

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Microsoft Word - Document2Okay so what piqued your interest, tickled your fancy or caught your attention in June, the second full month of Recovery Review being up and running? What were your top 5 addiction and recovery blogs –  the posts that ended up most-read?


Well, in June three and a half thousand folk visited Recovery Review five thousand times overall and took in seven thousand page-views on the site generating about 70 comments. Half of you were regular visitors and half newbies. 60% were from Blighty, with a quarter from across the pond in the US. Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Ireland, Finland and South Africa brought up the rear guard ahead of a further fifty-four countries. Twitter and Facebook are popular referral routes.

Top 5 addiction and recovery blogs

I want to say thanks to all my subscribers and regular visitors for the interest and support in these first few weeks of the site being up and running. But what were the top five most viewed posts?

Legal Highs – the gathering storm The red flags are rising – legal highs are on the up and with them problems with dependence. Are our treatment services ready?

Addicts don’t recover But addicts do recover; that’s what the evidence says. So why the therapeutic nihilism? Time to raise the aspirational bar.

It doesn’t work for everyone – a take on 12 step approaches A GP looks at how his perceptions changed after attending a mutual aid meeting. He didn’t expect the reaction he got from colleagues.

Unmissable Addiction and Recovery Resources My favourite websites, packed full of facts, research, experience, reflection, information and inspiration. Absolutely not to be missed.

Solution to alcoholism? Get sober friends. How one study identified that finding sober friends can have a profound positive impact on recovery rates.

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