Top 5 addiction and recovery blogs in June

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Okay so what piqued your interest, tickled your fancy or caught your attention in June, the second full month of Recovery Review being up and running? What were your top 5 addiction and recovery blogs –  the posts that ended up most-read? Stats Well, in June three and a half thousand folk visited Recovery Review five thousand […]

Evidence based medicine – holding things back?

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A drugs worker told me a few years back that he would never refer a patient to a recovery service on the basis that he would not be following the evidence base. I did ask him at the time ‘but what if that’s not what the client wants?’ It seemed the evidence base came first. […]

Naloxone is not enough

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I’m a fan of Take Home Naloxone (THN). I’ve also wondered about how our naloxone programmes might be recovery-focused. Dr Judith Craven wrote a personal piece touching on this a while back. Jason Schwarz picks up on how our expectations might be greater than the impact the drug can actually make. He quotes Andrew Kolodny, from Phoenix […]

Living harm reduction AND recovery

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I was moved and inspired by an interview with a harm reduction activist who is also in recovery. Kevin Jaffray is quizzed by writer and broadcaster Ruth Jacobs. Using his own experience as illustration, he reveals insights and reflections on the relationship between harm reduction and recovery. And he does it with passion. Answering criticisms that harm […]

What’s the point of harm reduction?

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What’s the point of harm reduction? To reduce harm; that much is obvious. Is that enough? Arguably it is, or it isn’t depending on where you stand. The Matrix Bites series in the carefully researched Drug & Alcohol Findings takes on this question and others in a reflective presentation on the evidence. The narrative here points […]

New Psychoactive Substances in Scotland – Etizolam

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Benzodiazepines (benzos) and opioids seem to go together like fish and chips. Many drug users purchase prescription diazepam (valium, ‘vallies’). Some are on a prescription (despite lack of evidence for effectiveness of long term prescribing and some concerns about a link with increased mortality). Some purchase ‘street’ benzos which can contain other things including amitryptyline which is […]

Solution to alcoholism? Get sober friends!

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A solution to alcoholism? If you want to live long and healthily, get loads of friends. That was the finding of a massive meta-analysis of around 150 studies involving over a third of a million people. Good social connections predict longevity. Dependent drinking shortens lives. Is the process of finding sober friends helpful as a solution […]

Deaths from prescription opioids ‘epidemic’

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The White House is holding a summit on opiate addiction. Why? MNT reports alarming statistics around deaths involving prescribed painkillers. In the first ever review of existing research into the topic, researchers have uncovered exactly how much deaths due to such drugs – which outnumber deaths from heroin and cocaine combined – have increased. According to the […]