Addiction brain science – the dangers

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FMRI-BrainA week or so back I was exploring the potential benefits of framing addiction as a brain disease. Addiction brain science is a contentious issue and more so in the UK than in the USA. Over at Addiction & Recovery News, Jason Schwartz takes a look at an editorial in the journal Addiction which outlines some of the potential dangers including coercion of substance dependence people and genetic identification to ‘protect’ the drinking rights of others.

I’ve always tried to keep to a bio-psycho-social model and cover all the bases. Social and environmental influence on multiple genes over time make addiction a complex disorder. I’m not sure there are than many fork around that would say that a brain disease is the only way to define addiction, but there are certainly plenty of folk who say that the disease model should have little or no place in our approach.

In any case, it is wise to be aware of the implications of the brain disease model. Maybe then we can avoid the dangers.

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