Getting plugged in makes you well

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Loneliness and isolation are best mates of addiction. Of course, it’s not just those with addictions who suffer from loneliness. Professor John Cacioppo presented recently at a conference in Chicago, pointing out that that the impact of loneliness on premature death ‘is nearly as strong as the impact of disadvantaged socioeconomic status’ – and that variable increases risk by 19%. […]

Naloxone: route to recovery?

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The Fix has an article on peer-based naloxone programmes. Although by no means universally welcomed in the USA, the initiatives are gaining ground in some areas and they can be very effective: “Vernon Lewis was drinking with friends in an alley when he noticed that one of his companions had stopped breathing and was turning blue. The situation might […]

Scratching that recovery itch

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You get an itch and you need to scratch it. Different itches need different scratches. Sometimes an itch is so itchy that it needs a blog to scratch it. This blog is my response to the itchiest of itches. I read a lot of papers and articles on addiction and recovery. A lot of the […]