Deaths involving legal highs in Scotland

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Just published (online) in the International Journal of Drugs Policy – some well known researchers behind this: Mortality related to Novel Psychoactive Substances in Scotland, 2012: an exploratory study Abstract Background The growth of Novel Psychoactive Substances (NPS) over the last decade, both in terms of availability and consumption, is of increasing public health concern. Despite recent increases […]

The most important thing for recovery

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What’s the most important thing for service users seeking recovery? Service users were asked this at an event I was at recently. The answers were surprisingly consistent. Were service users looking for warm empathetic professionals? Important but not the most important thing. Was it doctors and nurses getting the dose of ORT right? Not on the […]

Best addiction and recovery blogs

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We’re just past the six month mark on Recovery Review with 40,000 visitors to the site. Here are the five most-read blogs on the site – the five best addiction and recovery blogs. Gold standard addiction treatment This article highlighted the fact that doctors with addictions get a very different standard of treatment from their patients […]

Technology and Recovery part 2 – guest blog by Glyn Davies

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Mobile Phone Technology and Recovery The recovery-oriented techniques we learn online do of course need to be put into practice as this is where we see real behaviour change. And it’s great to see the shift towards health-focussed apps. Over recent years there has been an acknowledgment that many who are digitally excluded from regularly […]

Quantum change recovery

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I often describe recovery as a ‘transformational experience’. Lives don’t simply improve in recovery, they are often changed beyond recognition. Of course, that change normally takes place over time and in stages. But there is a different sort of recovery experience – the sudden journey from the crucible via the epiphany to personal redemption and transformation. […]

Technology and recovery part 1 – guest blog by Glyn Davies

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Technology and Substance Misuse Prevention For many who experience drug or alcohol related difficulties the first port of call will often be Google or another search engine to find a diagnosis or a directory of services. Access to the internet has transformed the ways in which we live our lives, particularly in terms of our […]

What is recovery?

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A stumbling block to moving forward with recovery in the UK and elsewhere is lack of agreement about what recovery actually is. Highly specific definitions (e.g. recovery = abstinence) can lead to exclusion and fierce disagreement while non-specific definitions are too woolly to measure in services which are being asked to deliver measurable outcomes. Professionals and recovering people […]

Methadone and 12-step

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This blog is a re-run but I’ve published it again because of recent comments it has attracted (at end of blog) Methadone and 12-step Given the dearth of research on NA populations this study from Bill White and colleagues is welcome. Knowing what we do already from the research on mutual aid groups, the researchers made the […]